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Japan Trip 2019

I had accumulated quite a number of vacation days at work that I would have lost at the start of the new year, so I decided to burn it all by taking a long three week vacation in Japan. The trip itself centered mostly on the Kansai area near Osaka and Kyoto, with a excursions to a few other cities on the Sanyo and Tokaido shinkansen lines.

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Roadtrip to Seattle

Now that I have my degree, the next step was to plan the logistics for my move to Seattle to work at Microsoft. I budgeted a week and a half for the trip itself, but it turns out I only needed a week to drive across the country. Luckily for me, the weather was pretty much perfect for the entire trip. The only rain that I encountered was in Texas, and there was more than enough of it there to make up for the rest of the trip.

As for this site, I’ll continue to post some projects that I’m currently working on as well as some stuff that I built in the past that I haven’t gotten around to posting. My developments in 3D printer upgrades, however, have been halted as I no longer have access to the 3D printers that I used for my projects. As such, don’t expect any further updates in that field unless I manage to somehow get my hands on another 3D printer. I have some other interesting projects in mind though, so keep an eye out on this site for more interesting stuff.

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