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3D Printer Heated Enclosure

Design files for this project can be found here (frame) and here (MGN12)

The more reliable my 3D printing setup gets, the greater the desire to move towards printing more exotic filaments. Materials such as nylon (PA) or polycarbonate (PC) have better trade-offs in mechanical properties compared to PLA or PETG filaments in areas such as strength, temperature resistance, and stiffness at the cost of being harder to print. One of the common requirements for printing such filaments is that the printer needs to be fully enclosed and heated to prevent drafts and temperature differentials from warping off the print bed mid-print.

Here I’ll also document and provide source files in this post for the various modifications I’ve made to my Prusa i3 MK3S in the process of moving it into a custom heated enclosure.

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Filament Dry Box

Design files for this project can be found here

Update 11/15/2020 – Added bucket dryer improvements and notes on molecular sieves

There has been some recent developments in exploring the impact of moisture on 3D prints, and from my experience so far I’ve found that having dry filament makes a significant difference in both print quality and consistency. For the types of filament that I typically print with, drying the filament drastically reduces the amount of ooze and stringing, resulting in a noticeable improvement in print quality. Filament that is too dry however tends to have worse bridging characteristics as some plastic (PETG) becomes too sticky.

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Prusa 360° Cooling Shroud

Design files for this project can be found here (firmware) and  here (3D models)

Update 12/18/2020 – Updated design to revision E3
Update 2/1/2021 – Added notes on cooling performance and upgrades

Earlier this year I bought and assembled my own Prusa i3 mk3s as a quick way to iterate on various mechanical projects in the comfort of my apartment. There are plenty of reviews online for this model so I won’t be providing my own review here. I will however, say that this printer has vastly exceeded my expectations for the price. The small list of modifications that I have made to this printer so far include:

After replacing the above components, I still encountered issues with uneven cooling on bridges and overhangs. This prompted me to try my hand at designing a better cooling shroud that evenly cools from all sides.

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Xbox One Controller Phone Mount

Design files for this project can be found here

One of the new features in the Xbox One S controllers is that they have built in Bluetooth support, making it significant easier to interface to a phone without all the hassle of having to carry around an OTG adapter. The mount itself is designed to be flexible: the phone is held securely at any angle and can be easily adjusted on-the-fly.

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Nexus 7 NFC Extender

Design files for this project can be found here

Here’s a project that I worked on a few years ago that I keep forgetting to publish. At the time, the old card swipe entry system to my graduate lab was getting in pretty old, so we wanted to revamp it with modern technology. Instead of granting entry via the magnetic card on the student ID, we wanted to have a wireless solution that could easily be updated in the future. The solution involved a Nexus 7 mounted in the window of the door, connected to a wireless router that controlled a solenoid within the door, and individual NFC tags to grant access for each user.

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