Compact End Mill Case

Design files for this project can be found here

One of the downsides of working with a large variety of materials (wood, plastics, aluminum, steel) in CNC mills is that each material requires a set of end mills tailored for that material. The basic requirement for each material is a square (flat) and ball (round) mill, but on top of that you have roughing (1-2 flutes) vs finishing (4+ flutes) mills, different sizes (1/2″, 1/4″, 1/8″, 1/16″, and 1/32″), and a number of specialty end mills (chamfer, dovetail, keyway, drills, threading, and engraving). All together, that’s a significant number of end mills to have to carry around.

My initial solution was to carry around my end mills together with my calipers, but that quickly became impractical as the number of end mills I had rapidly increased over the last few months. Instead, I ended up making a case capable of holding 22 1/4″ 2.5in length end mills, 8 1/8″ 2in length end mills, and 18 1/8″ 1.5in length end mills.